Entrepreneurship Live in Hilo

Entrepreneurship Live With Bahman Sadeghi & Kimia Sadeghi of Meadow Gold Dairies.

Entrepreneurship Live in Hilo2024-02-11T10:31:39-10:00

Women Entrepreneurs Conference

The Women Entrepreneurs Conference is focused on helping women entrepreneurs grow their business by providing information on access to capital, revenue growth opportunities, financial management, networking and connecting, and inspiration by learning from successful women business owners.

Women Entrepreneurs Conference2023-04-14T11:41:30-10:00

UH Mānoa Entrepreneurs

A panel discussion with some amazing, accomplished young women who own their own businesses, and are also students within University of Hawai'i

UH Mānoa Entrepreneurs2023-04-02T10:39:27-10:00

HVCA Entrepreneur Awards

Celebrate Hawaiiʻs rising entrepreneurs and their journeys as they thrived through the many changes of 2020.

HVCA Entrepreneur Awards2021-02-14T22:44:18-10:00
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