Hawaii Data & AI Summit

Fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees while showcasing the latest trends and strategies in data and AI.

Hawaii Data & AI Summit2024-03-23T11:44:02-10:00

Innovation in Government & Community

Ed and James will leave you inspired and hopeful for the future as they share their insights and experiences in government and community building.

Innovation in Government & Community2023-09-10T21:30:13-10:00

Governing the Future of Hawaii’s Economy

Partnering with government is key to Hawaii’s future. Hear from key stakeholders about their industry’s kuleana and how they’re collaborating with government to move Hawaii’s economy forward.

Governing the Future of Hawaii’s Economy2023-07-18T18:03:03-10:00

C5 Forum Hawaii

CFH provides a unique platform for military, government, academia, and industry professionals to network and collaborate to advance the field of cybersecurity and C5.

C5 Forum Hawaii2023-03-01T10:57:40-10:00

CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness

Take a good healthcare system and make it better! Hawaii ranks among the best states in the nation for health care, but

CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness2020-02-29T21:12:54-10:00

Hawaii Climate Change Conference

Hā o ke kai 2020 aims to investigate the role of communication in furthering climate action.

Hawaii Climate Change Conference2020-01-07T10:39:25-10:00
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