UH Cancer Center STEMplus

Hear from scientists and physicians and the research around key cancers that impact our communities in Hawaii.

UH Cancer Center STEMplus2023-10-09T20:37:39-10:00

Chasing Rainbows

Ever wonder why Hawai‘i is arguably the rainbow capital of the world? Join ARCS Honolulu Chapter on Thursday, June 16 to find out.

Chasing Rainbows2022-06-09T23:14:57-10:00

Informational Talkstory with Oceanit

Expose students to world-class professionals, artificial intelligence technologies, design thinking innovation processes and hands-on big data analysis/data dashboard development.

Informational Talkstory with Oceanit2021-01-08T19:56:40-10:00

Hawaii Educational Research Association

The 42nd annual Hawaii Educational Research Association (HERA) conference, sponsored by the Curriculum Research & Development Group, College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Hawaii Educational Research Association2020-02-09T18:24:57-10:00

Honolulu Science Hack

An open community meetup to hack on science projects every first Tuesday.

Honolulu Science Hack2020-04-26T14:49:46-10:00
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