UH Venture Competition Info Session

Launching in 2000, the UH Venture Competition (formerly the UH Business Plan Competition) has grown to become one of the most exciting, feature events of the University of Hawaii entrepreneurial ecosystem.

UH Venture Competition Info Session2023-12-27T07:27:57-10:00

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

These advances have brought many benefits but also the ability for bad actors to use these tools for more sophisticated and highly believable scams.

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education2023-10-31T15:36:43-10:00

PACE Welcome Reception

Meet PACE Staff and PACE leaders, learn about our programs and meet other RISE Residents! Open to student residents living at RISE and participants of our PACE Leaders program.

PACE Welcome Reception2023-08-03T12:47:17-10:00

Echoes from the Cosmos

In the depths of space, planets of all flavors crackle and roar, stars are ringing like giant bells, and merging black holes occasionally send ripples through the fabric of spacetime.

Echoes from the Cosmos2023-07-13T15:43:22-10:00

Cybersecurity Conference

Are you ready for what's coming? Join us on June 15, 2023 to learn how best to prepare for potential cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Conference2023-06-04T12:11:35-10:00

Astronomy Open House

The Institute of Astronomy (IfA) at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa will hold its annual open house on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

Astronomy Open House2023-03-26T10:26:14-10:00

UH Mānoa Tech & Intelligence Career Fair

This career fair is aimed at students who are in the field of computer science and are interested in opportunities in software engineering, data science, and more.

UH Mānoa Tech & Intelligence Career Fair2023-03-02T22:20:34-10:00

Esports with T1 CEO Joe Marsh

Joe Marsh is CEO of T1 Entertainment & Sports, a global esports joint venture created by Comcast Spectacor and SK Telecom

Esports with T1 CEO Joe Marsh2023-03-01T13:17:00-10:00

Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 2

These rigorous, half-day workshops provide instruction in the lean startup methodology to help students develop their business model.

Entrepreneurs’ Bootcamp 22023-03-04T10:26:50-10:00

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

This free workshop provides participants with the tools to develop a strong business model. In addition, the sessions offer team formation activities for those looking to join or grow a startup team.

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp2023-01-26T22:07:53-10:00

Water Resilience in Hawaii

A look into the cultural and historical significance of fresh water in Hawai‘i, current supply and challenges, and the future outlook.

Water Resilience in Hawaii2022-10-02T21:39:14-10:00

IT & Intelligence Virtual Career Fair

An online opportunity to explore career options in the IT, Intelligence sector, and other industry partners. IT as a Career Are you

IT & Intelligence Virtual Career Fair2022-09-15T12:19:53-10:00

HITIDE UH Incubator Informational Webinar

Learn more about HITIDE, a new UH System innovation incubator program opportunity that offers seed funding, resources and concierge support tailored to the unique needs of academic entrepreneurs.

HITIDE UH Incubator Informational Webinar2022-09-12T12:45:45-10:00

Ethics of Technology

Examine business and legal ethics from the beginning of the decade to today’s ongoing and headline-making ethical conundrums.

Ethics of Technology2022-07-24T10:05:36-10:00

Chasing Rainbows

Ever wonder why Hawai‘i is arguably the rainbow capital of the world? Join ARCS Honolulu Chapter on Thursday, June 16 to find out.

Chasing Rainbows2022-06-09T23:14:57-10:00

Intellectual Property Workshop

Understanding the differences and the functions of patents, trademarks and copyrights is key to begin formulating your commercialization strategy, and can save time, money and resources!

Intellectual Property Workshop2021-10-08T14:24:36-10:00

UH Venture Competition Final

The UH Venture Competition provides hands-on education, mentorship and resources to University of Hawaii students and faculty who seek to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start a business venture.

UH Venture Competition Final2021-04-24T21:39:01-10:00

Institute for Astronomy Open House

Activities, talks, displays, and demonstrations for all ages. Celebrating 50 years of discovery with the UH88" telescope!

Institute for Astronomy Open House2020-03-10T08:14:12-10:00

HIplan Hackathon Competition

The 2-day competition will include brainstorming of problems, workshops on creative problem-solving, app-design theory and business models, and pitch-deck building / presenting. At the end of the Hackathon, teams will pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges.

HIplan Hackathon Competition2020-03-05T08:42:37-10:00

Honolulu Science Cafe

An overview of NASA's HyTI satellite mission, which will launch from the International Space Station in Fall 2021. The satellite is being designed, integrated, and tested at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, prior to delivery to NASA.

Honolulu Science Cafe2020-02-04T18:08:48-10:00

Protect Your Company and Brand

Ten Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Company and Brand with Wendy K. Peterson, ESQ., and Jeffrey L. Van Hoosear, Esq.

Protect Your Company and Brand2020-01-17T17:51:38-10:00
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