Sales for the Now, Utilizing Modern Tools

Jean-Paul will show salespeople and marketers how to utilize modern tools such as multimedia channels and AI, rethink their connections to position themselves as a resource rather than a salesperson, and the role of ChatGPT in building trust and credibility.

Sales for the Now, Utilizing Modern Tools2024-02-21T13:04:21-10:00

Digital Marketing 101

an overview of the digital marketing landscape, including trends for the new year and what business owners need to keep in mind as they leverage the different platforms to promote their companies and products.

Digital Marketing 1012024-02-08T14:10:42-10:00

Create Social Media Content Using AI

Learn how to leverage six AI tools to create 30 days worth of social media content, ranging from images, quotes, videos to carousels.

Create Social Media Content Using AI2024-01-22T06:27:25-10:00

Social Media Streamlined

This workshop will introduce you to practical tools and strategies to simplify and streamline your content planning process.

Social Media Streamlined2023-07-27T18:15:44-10:00

Made in Hawaii Branding Workshop

Learn about the Made In Hawaiʻi program benefits and provide your feedback to strengthen the brand. 

Made in Hawaii Branding Workshop2023-03-05T11:14:57-10:00

How to Rock Your Marketing

If you’re tired of neglecting your marketing and you’re ready for smart solutions you can implement today, join this free workshop!

How to Rock Your Marketing2023-03-02T09:54:49-10:00

Seth Godin: The Carbon Almanac

"We need systems solutions to our systems problem, and it won’t happen if we don’t connect and communicate." says entrepreneur and New

Seth Godin: The Carbon Almanac2022-10-02T21:46:10-10:00

Fearless Focus Group for Women

Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy.  And it’s helpful to know that the impossible challenges you face, are often the same challenges other motivated women face as well.

Fearless Focus Group for Women2022-10-02T21:26:52-10:00

Sell It in 60 Seconds

“Sell It In 60 Seconds” is an Elevator Pitch competition where you, the audience, along with an esteemed panel of judges will decide who has the best elevator pitch on Oahu.

Sell It in 60 Seconds2021-12-25T10:11:01-10:00

Small Business Summit

The first ever Small Business Summit has been created to help Hawaiʻi's small businesses address the challenges we are all facing as

Small Business Summit2021-04-07T16:20:41-10:00

Fireside Chat with Amanda Corby

UMU remains dedicated to elevating the work of community-based organizations who seek to make the world a little bit better everyday.

Fireside Chat with Amanda Corby2020-12-14T17:40:23-10:00

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Search Advertising

Interested to learn how to properly deploy your Google ads to achieve higher web traffic and sales conversions? Join Neal Kido, Founder of AkamaiSEO who will guide you through strategies and best practices of search advertising. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Search Advertising2020-11-19T21:24:03-10:00

Level Up Your Digital Marketing

It may take a while for visitors to return to Hawaii, but our local product companies can bring Hawaii to them via e-commerce.

Level Up Your Digital Marketing2020-05-17T10:49:52-10:00
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