The Truth about AI

Dr. Jonn Kim from Huntsville, Alabama-based Geeks and Nerds is tired of people misrepresenting AI and ML. Come join ISC2 Hawaii for

The Truth about AI2023-09-10T21:24:05-10:00

AI & ML Battlespace Tech Talk

Join Brigadier General Miles and Industry for Insights on leveraging AI for executing mission outcomes.

AI & ML Battlespace Tech Talk2023-08-08T09:57:59-10:00

GPT Best Practices Workshop

Whether you are deploying your own chatbot or using an existing API, this workshop will be beneficial to you.

GPT Best Practices Workshop2023-08-12T17:22:08-10:00

ChatGPT Introductory Experience

Join this engaging workshop to demystify ChatGPT and discover its practical applications for small businesses.

ChatGPT Introductory Experience2023-07-28T07:27:12-10:00

A.I. Lunch and Learn

Get valuable insights on using AI effectively, leveraging its potential, and its impact on the future of various industries.

A.I. Lunch and Learn2023-07-03T14:16:01-10:00

AI Project Night

Come to our first deep learning project night where you can learn and discuss exciting new projects and ideas in the AI community.

AI Project Night2023-06-22T15:38:45-10:00

How AI Can Impact Your Business

Get some breakfast and gain some knowledge on the ways AI ChatGPT can support your business.

How AI Can Impact Your Business2023-06-08T07:46:25-10:00

Trustworthy Machine Learning

Our speaker, Dr. Kush Varshney, is a 2023 Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer. He conducts academic research on the theory and methods

Trustworthy Machine Learning2023-06-07T19:45:17-10:00

International Conference on Machine Learning

The premier gathering of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning.

International Conference on Machine Learning2023-05-19T10:23:10-10:00

Ethicality of AI and Deep Learning

We need to take a closer look at the ethicality of using AI as both a primary decision maker and an informer in our own decision making processes.

Ethicality of AI and Deep Learning2023-05-18T14:53:44-10:00

Honolulu ChatGPT Meetup

I’m thrilled to invite you to the first meeting of the Honolulu ChatGPT Meetup group. Join us for a fun and informative

Honolulu ChatGPT Meetup2023-03-03T08:21:52-10:00

How to Get Into Emerging Tech

FoundHer x Tech Stars Startup Weekend presents Pau Hana Workshop: How to Get Into Emerging Tech: Web3, AR/VR, AI, Robotics, Blockchain.

How to Get Into Emerging Tech2022-09-05T11:43:26-10:00

Inclusive Innovation Symposium

a virtual symposium to showcase artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) uses in health and host a listening session to better understand the needs of Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and Pacific Islander communities.

Inclusive Innovation Symposium2022-07-11T09:27:55-10:00
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