AI Summit 2024

Learn about new developments and tools in AI and their effect on your organization, career and community. This half-day conference from Hawaii

AI Summit 20242024-05-02T09:19:58-10:00

Hawaii Data & AI Summit

Fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees while showcasing the latest trends and strategies in data and AI.

Hawaii Data & AI Summit2024-03-23T11:44:02-10:00

Sales for the Now, Utilizing Modern Tools

Jean-Paul will show salespeople and marketers how to utilize modern tools such as multimedia channels and AI, rethink their connections to position themselves as a resource rather than a salesperson, and the role of ChatGPT in building trust and credibility.

Sales for the Now, Utilizing Modern Tools2024-02-21T13:04:21-10:00

The Frugal AI: Free AI Alternatives

Premium AI packages can drain your budget. The great news is that there are free options out there–but which one is best?

The Frugal AI: Free AI Alternatives2024-02-14T20:04:11-10:00

Grants with AI

Discover how AI can elevate your grant proposals and save you valuable time.

Grants with AI2024-02-14T19:57:08-10:00

Is Google Gemini Advanced Worth It?

Gemini is getting real review buzz from the press, and it’s hitting some impressive tech milestones. But, how does it really stack up?

Is Google Gemini Advanced Worth It?2024-02-14T19:59:50-10:00

AI Cyber Ninja

In the world of AI, large language models are growing at an exponential rate. Join us to learn how you can add AI to your cybersecurity set!

AI Cyber Ninja2024-02-08T14:15:20-10:00

Hilo Generative AI Meetup

We have some interesting Meetups on the Big Island and Oahu scheduled this month. You are warmly invited to attend.

Hilo Generative AI Meetup2024-02-04T08:38:41-10:00

iTeach 808 Workshop

Explore the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of AI technology with a cohort of educators you can grow to know over the weekend.

iTeach 808 Workshop2024-01-22T14:52:45-10:00

Create Social Media Content Using AI

Learn how to leverage six AI tools to create 30 days worth of social media content, ranging from images, quotes, videos to carousels.

Create Social Media Content Using AI2024-01-22T06:27:25-10:00

How AI Can Be Used for Good

Join us for an engaging and interactive meetup designed for those passionate about leveraging Artificial Intelligence for societal benefits.

How AI Can Be Used for Good2024-02-22T06:53:44-10:00

AI 101 with AAUW

We'll talk about the current state of AI, opportunities and challenges, and how we can explore AI today.

AI 101 with AAUW2024-01-03T15:54:06-10:00

AI in the Classroom

2024 Spring STEMplus: AI in the Classroom Engage with interactive AI tools and strategies to inspire students across all grades. Join us

AI in the Classroom2023-12-08T19:12:44-10:00

Build4Good Pre-Hackathon Workshop

Join us for introductions, resource sharing, problem pitches. Bring your ideas and lets brainstorm together! To kick off the hackathon weekend and

Build4Good Pre-Hackathon Workshop2023-12-04T15:38:40-10:00

Build Your Custom Generative AI Chatbot

This workshop will explore how Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) can help improve the use of LLM-generated responses.

Build Your Custom Generative AI Chatbot2023-12-01T11:48:53-10:00

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

These advances have brought many benefits but also the ability for bad actors to use these tools for more sophisticated and highly believable scams.

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education2023-10-31T15:36:43-10:00

Build4Good AI Hackathon for Social Impact

We focus on knowledge-based machine learning to empower participants to create innovative solutions that make a real difference in Hawaii and beyond.

Build4Good AI Hackathon for Social Impact2023-10-02T17:08:13-10:00

The Truth about AI

Dr. Jonn Kim from Huntsville, Alabama-based Geeks and Nerds is tired of people misrepresenting AI and ML. Come join ISC2 Hawaii for

The Truth about AI2023-09-10T21:24:05-10:00

AI & ML Battlespace Tech Talk

Join Brigadier General Miles and Industry for Insights on leveraging AI for executing mission outcomes.

AI & ML Battlespace Tech Talk2023-08-08T09:57:59-10:00

GPT Best Practices Workshop

Whether you are deploying your own chatbot or using an existing API, this workshop will be beneficial to you.

GPT Best Practices Workshop2023-08-12T17:22:08-10:00

ChatGPT Introductory Experience

Join this engaging workshop to demystify ChatGPT and discover its practical applications for small businesses.

ChatGPT Introductory Experience2023-07-28T07:27:12-10:00

A.I. Lunch and Learn

Get valuable insights on using AI effectively, leveraging its potential, and its impact on the future of various industries.

A.I. Lunch and Learn2023-07-03T14:16:01-10:00

AI Project Night

Come to our first deep learning project night where you can learn and discuss exciting new projects and ideas in the AI community.

AI Project Night2023-06-22T15:38:45-10:00

How AI Can Impact Your Business

Get some breakfast and gain some knowledge on the ways AI ChatGPT can support your business.

How AI Can Impact Your Business2023-06-08T07:46:25-10:00
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