AI Cyber Ninja

In the world of AI, large language models are growing at an exponential rate. Join us to learn how you can add AI to your cybersecurity set!

AI Cyber Ninja2024-02-08T14:15:20-10:00

Incident Response: Cyber Pro Panel

Our Cyber Pro Panel offers you a unique chance to acquire valuable knowledge and engage directly with experienced cybersecurity experts.

Incident Response: Cyber Pro Panel2023-11-11T14:59:54-10:00

Keep Your Business Safe from Cyber Threats

As a small business, you can mount a robust cyber defense to protect your company and the sensitive information of your customers from ransomware and other emerging threats.

Keep Your Business Safe from Cyber Threats2023-11-11T14:28:53-10:00

Google Cloud & Mandiant Security Day

From election security to the growing threat from actors across the globe, state and local government organizations face the daily challenge of securing their critical infrastructure and PII of their citizens.

Google Cloud & Mandiant Security Day2023-09-10T21:38:21-10:00

Secure Sourcing of COTS Software

Systems are built by integrating components upwards from the lowest level of the supply chain to the finished, often highly complex, product. That upward integration process represents a potential security weakness.

Secure Sourcing of COTS Software2023-09-09T15:39:30-10:00

Honolulu DevSecOps Meetup

Share projects, ideas, and stories; learn new technologies; and get feedback from other members of the community working in the Honolulu area.

Honolulu DevSecOps Meetup2023-07-27T18:28:04-10:00

Operational Energy and Logistics Summit

Take a deep dive into Operational Energy, Logistics, and Cybersecurity in the most consequential theater in the world.

Operational Energy and Logistics Summit2023-07-11T10:14:10-10:00

Cybersecurity Conference

Are you ready for what's coming? Join us on June 15, 2023 to learn how best to prepare for potential cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Conference2023-06-04T12:11:35-10:00

Threat Hunting with Polarity

The goal of this talk is to help analysts and defenders learn how to hunt for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Threat Hunting with Polarity2023-04-02T08:55:35-10:00

Honolulu DevSecOps Meetup

Meet follow software engineers, cyber security professionals, site reliability engineers, and operations engineers.

Honolulu DevSecOps Meetup2023-04-10T08:21:34-10:00

C5 Forum Hawaii

CFH provides a unique platform for military, government, academia, and industry professionals to network and collaborate to advance the field of cybersecurity and C5.

C5 Forum Hawaii2023-03-01T10:57:40-10:00

(ISC)² Hawaii March 2023 Meeting

Threat actors are constantly improving their attack methods; therefore, we must constantly improve our defensive systems.

(ISC)² Hawaii March 2023 Meeting2023-03-01T10:45:32-10:00

Pacific Technology Cooperation Summit

Explore technological approaches that evolve East-West cooperation in areas of cybersecurity, humanitarian and disaster relief, and DEI.

Pacific Technology Cooperation Summit2022-12-08T13:04:55-10:00

Attack, Defend and Win the Cybersecurity Game

Ideal for IT professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts with all levels of experience. Eight hours of continuing professional education credits can be earned.

Attack, Defend and Win the Cybersecurity Game2022-11-12T11:35:21-10:00

(ISC)² Hawaii Member Meeting

Four IT/cyber professionals from our community will share how they started and then uniquely progressed in their careers.

(ISC)² Hawaii Member Meeting2022-11-12T11:16:39-10:00

Beat Tomorrow’s Cyberattack Today

Hawaiian Telcom University is back in-person for the first time in more than 2 years. We invite you to be our guest at a

Beat Tomorrow’s Cyberattack Today2022-08-22T08:57:01-10:00

Cyber Ready Hawaii Informational Session

Recruiting small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations interested in doing business with the federal government and require additional training and assistance to be cyber ready.

Cyber Ready Hawaii Informational Session2021-09-07T11:13:48-10:00

Protecting Your Business from Hackers

Learn what kind of tools cyber criminals use, best practices to prevent hacks, and how to respond to cyber incidents. 

Protecting Your Business from Hackers2021-06-08T10:42:46-10:00

Ransomware: What You Can Do

From schools to healthcare institutions, to small and medium sized businesses, ransomware attacks have skyrocketed during the pandemic. As more of our daily work and life move online, everyone is a potential target.

Ransomware: What You Can Do2021-03-12T11:34:29-10:00
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